Culture Surveys

What is organisational culture & how is it established?

The question of culture within an organisation is a complex question. Culture is the amalgamation of different values individuals’ share, which in turn impact upon those values individuals hold. In other words organisational culture is dynamic and often self reinforcing.

In most organisations, culture is cascaded from, and influenced most strongly through the values held by senior management. This may be a strategic process supported by pro-active measures, but on many occasions occurs haphazardly, without conscious planning. An uncoordinated approach to establishing values within an organisation, results in disparate behaviours and uncoordinated processes throughout the organisation.

What is the benefit of measuring organisational culture & how do I do it?

Measurement of what the culture actually is “on the ground” within an organisation, is a great aid to developing a strategic approach to establishing a common set of key values for conducting business within the organisation.

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (The Inside) can quickly measure organisation culture, where culture is the average MVPI profile within an organisation or specific team. By combining selected profiles, a culture measurement can be obtained for specific teams, departments, regions, or managerial sectors. A detailed map of organisational culture is established, which clearly highlights disparities and potential problems within the business

A Culture Survey may be conducted independently, and is easily dovetailed into any other diagnostic initiatives taking place in your business. However, a Culture Survey is a perfect complement to a Skills Audit, and together these two diagnostic instruments provide a strategic clarity on where to target further investment for human resource development.