HDS Applications

Leadership Coaching

HDS profiling is particularly relevant for coaching of leaders and senior management. The distinctive aspects of our personality, are often the qualities which have lead us to be successful in our career to date. However, the qualities that have enabled an individual to attain a position of power in an organisation, will also lead to his or her downfall, or cause damage to the organisation, when expressed as Dark Side behaviour.

A leader’s HDS profile, especially when examined in relation to normal HPI (Bright Side) profile, provides a highly penetrating insight into his/her critical core qualities. It provides an advanced starting point for structured coaching, saving considerable time and effort in “peeling the onion layers” to arrive at the true focus of the coaching intervention.

Selection for senior or sensitive positions

The potential for extreme HDS (Dark Side) behaviour is almost always very well hidden or disguised during interview. This means a candidate may make a very first positive impression. However if appointed over time, his or her Dark Side profile will become apparent, which in the case of a senior manager, could have a huge adverse impact on the performance of an organisation. Furthermore, it is often HDS tendencies that can enhance a person’s performance at interview and make them appear more attractive for appointment.

Using the Hogan Development Survey for selection will identify a candidate’s:

  • Key behavioural strengths which if managed effectively will result in excellent leadership performance
  • Likely problems which will arise when the candidate deals with critical incidents or stressful circumstances, which could have a highly negative impact on the organisation. Whilst relevant to senior management selection, this aspect is veryrelevant to appointments of sensitive or critical nature, (e.g. in connection with security or safety).