Assessment for Selection

Predicting Occupational Performance

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is highly effective at predicting occupational performance for specific job roles. It is invaluable for:

  • Initial screening of applications and producing a short list of candidates for interview
  • Providing reliable indications of relevant potential strengths and weaknesses of candidates for scrutiny during the interview or assessment centre

The HPI is a very effective predictor of occupational performance, providing a reliable predication of the level a candidate will possess a variety of competencies. For effective use of the HPI in assessing candidates’ suitability for specific job roles, it is therefore essential to clearly identify and define the required competencies required for that role. Download a sample HPI Selection Report

Hogan Personality Inventory selection reports are typically used for selection of supervisory to middle management staff, representing excellent value in line with the organisational risk for this level of appointment.

Identifying leadership qualities for senior appointments

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) is a particularly valuable tool for selection of candidates for senior appointment. The HDS identifies specific leadership strengths a candidate possesses, which when ‘over emphasised’, manifest as dysfunctional behaviours and eventually result in leadership derailment. Such dysfunctional behaviours are typically revealed when a person has been subject to high levels of stress when they lose the ability to moderate behaviour.

Appointment to a senior position of a candidate with a strong tendency to engage in dysfunctional behaviours resulting in leadership derailment represents a serious threat to the organisation. Such tendencies are very difficult to identify during interview or by using other assessment techniques. The Hogan Development Survey provides a reliable prediction of the potential for leadership derailment which can be scrutinised in a specific manner during interview

When combined the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey provide a highly reliable and independent prediction of a candidate’s suitability for appointment, to dovetail with and support your organisation’s normal interview and assessment processes. Download a sample HPI HDS Assessment Report