HDS Scales

The HDS measures eleven styles of extreme behaviour. The following describes high scorers:

Excitable Moody and hard to please, being enthusiastic about new people or projects and then becoming disappointed with them
Skeptical Cynical, mistrustful, and doubting the true intentions of others
Cautious Reluctant to change and being too concerned about making mistakes
Reserved Aloof or uncommunicative and lacking interest in or awareness of the feelings of others
Leisurely Independent, refusing to be hurried, ignoring other people’s requests, and becoming irritable if they persist
Bold Unusually self-confident, having strong feelings of entitlement, being unwilling to admit mistakes, listen to advice, or attend to feedback
Mischievous Enjoys taking risks and testing the limits, easily bored, and seeking excitement
Colorful Lively, expressive, dramatic, and wanting to be noticed
Imaginative Acts and thinks in unusual and sometimes creative ways.
Diligent Meticulous, precise, and critical of the performance of others
Dutiful Eager to please and reluctant to take independent action