How We Operate

About HR Profiles

Our professional operation is driven by our intent and values. At the heart of this lies a passion for development and realisation of potential, at both the organisational and individual level.

For both the organisation and the individuals concerned, behavioural profiling is most effective when an explicit purpose and contract of application is fully agreed by all parties. HR Profiles invests considerable effort in the early stages of an assignment, ensuring clarity at all levels in your organisation, through constructive and precise briefing to your personnel or candidates. Such briefings highlight the benefits of profiling, explaining the context and method for using psychometric instruments for assessment and development. We demystify the process and promote engagement.

We operate to a code of good practice agreed by the British Psychological Society. Click here to download information leaflet. Download the BPS Code of Good Practice for Psychological Testing

Further information on psychometric testing may be accessed from the British Psychological Society website dedicated to the subject.

HR Profiles takes particular care with issues of confidentiality, and operates to the requirements of UK data protection legislation. Visit for further information.

HR Profiles works in closely with other specialised consultancies, to provide a seamless service to your business. HR Profiles works in partnership with the Wright Consultancy, who specialise in organisational development, to provide a seamless service to your business.