Hogan Personality Inventory

The Bright Side of personality we project to others

The power of the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is it’s highly accurate prediction of work place performance and identification of development needs.. The instrument has been developed through years of rigorous scientific research by Bob and Joyce Hogan into the relationship between personality and job performance. It is based on the Five Factor Model, which is generally considered the most robust framework for designing psychometric measurements of personality. Accordingly, the HPI is a powerful and flexible aid for both staff selection, and personal development.

The HPI provides a very reliable measurement of that aspect of our personality which results in the “normal” everyday behaviour we exhibit in the workplace, under typical everyday work pressures. Under such circumstances, our tendency is to consciously or unconsciously adopt behaviour that will naturally be interpreted as positive by our colleagues. In other words, in normal circumstances, we promote a positive reputation or Bright Side of our personality, which will seek the acceptance and recognition of peers – and try and avoid their criticism or rejection.

Extensive validation research of has provided very reliable correlations of occupational competencies with the HPI personality scales. This allows us to tailor selection and development reports to address competencies specific to the job role of an individual.