MVPI Applications



The MVPI identifies motives and values that are most important for an individual. This assists individuals in career planning, and understanding how they may best assimilate the consequences of the team or organisational culture in which they work.

Used in combination with the Bright Side and Dark Side, the MVPI completes the strategic assessment of an individual for coaching and personal development, securing alignment of motives, values and behaviour, for full commitment to, and achievement of work goals.

Senior Teams

The MVPI is ideal for establishing a team profile and mapping team dynamics. This promotes appreciation and understanding of the diversity and possible sources of conflict within the team. An MVPI Team Profile very simply illustrates matching and mismatching of values and priorities within a team.

The MVPI Team Profile is an excellent tool for ensuring a congruent  strategic agenda of senior leaders by identifying and resolving differences in personal agenda


Organisational Culture

The MVPI can quickly map actual organisational culture “on the ground”, and identify areas that need attention by leaders to ensure the whole organisation is aligned with the strategic vision.